It is often believed that the people who understand you best are those that you can talk to. I suppose that is true to a certain extent, but talking is easy. We think conversations are hard because people do not know the right thing to say or say the wrong thing. You are thinking about it all wrong. Talking is easy. We do it all the time; we do it to avoid silence. It is not the words of a conversation that worry us, but the silence they fill. Talking is easy because the alternative is stilted pauses and tense breaks. Those are the parts of a conversation we all dread the most, and we would rather talk about things that don’t matter than be faced with the heaviness of words that go unspoken. 

The best people are those that understand my silence. Some days, the words are too heavy and my tongue can’t lift them. The silence stretches around me like a wall and most people are scared and confused. But those precious few who understand me best know that the silence is every bit as much of a part of me as the words. They know the silence will end when I am ready, and they will be patiently waiting with nothing but love.