It’s so easy to think about the bad things in life. When you’re standing in the rain and you’ve forgotten your presentation at home and there’s no way you can afford to take your mother out for her birthday this week, it’s hard to think about anything good. It’s a lot like trust. You trust someone because of all the times they stood by you, but one little screw up and you can’t imagine ever trusting them again. Joy is taken for granted, then one day the sadness comes and it’s like you’ll never know happiness, or laughter, or love ever again.

It’s a cruel reality, isn’t it? Why can I remember standing beside my grandmother’s open grave but not what it felt like to hug her? Why can I recall with perfect clarity the fear in my best friend’s voice when her parents were in a car crash, but not what it sounded like the first time I made her laugh? I don’t know the answer. I wish I did, as there are so many things I have lost to time and fear.

What I do know though, is that happiness will come again. I will see my best friend and the rain will leave and one day I will take my mom to the best restaurant in town and tell her “thank you.”Because this has shown me what I take for granted, and now I know to bring my umbrella.


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